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"Breaking News: CCEC Chosen for 30th Annual Witter's Competition in 2023"

The Witters Competition, established in 1993 by Col. Arthur G. and Beverly A. Witters, aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among design, construction, planning, and engineering students.Patricia Lee, CEO of Tee Foundation Assistance Network, Inc. (T-FAN), participated by providing the project for the competition. The competition focused on the Center for Commerce, Education, and Culture (C-CEC) project, titled "East Side Village: Fostering Education, Equity, and Economic Development," aiming to address community needs through a mixed-use development on the east side of Gainesville. The competition teams were tasked with proposing an innovative mixed-use plan and parcel program to promote education, empowerment, social equity, and economic development for residents and entrepreneurs. Patricia Lee praised the University of Florida's College of Design, Construction, and Planning for its impactful efforts in addressing community responsibility.

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