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This exciting activity will showcase and celebrate the diverse international mix of neighbors in Alachua County and vicinity. The event will also include an International Food Fest in addition to the sports and cultural performances. There is also a formal educational component--A Black History & Cultural Brain Bowl for high school students and an International Words Spelling Bee for middle school students. Each participating team is encouraged to be a “Team of Diversity” (team members of different race, heritage and socio-economic status to the extent possible). Finally, the Celebration will also give local businesses and organizations the opportunity to offer their products and services and thereby boost their annual revenues. We expect to draw at least 1,000 visitors to the event plus the athletes.

APRIL 4-7, 2024

We invite you to be a participant/supporter of our unique and fun, educational family event. It will be one of the largest community events in Alachua County. Review the ways you can help bring this event to the community. Proceeds will help fund our short and long-term community development strategies; operations; scholarship and endowment(s); plus enable us to also support community services initiatives of other entities that are working to element racial, education, economic, opportunistic and justice disparities.  

Enter a "Team/Athlete of Diversity"

It's time to embrace inclusivity and register your "Team of Diversity" (team members of different race, heritage, and socio-economic status to the extent possible). This event is not just a competition; it's a celebration of unity, collaboration, and the strength that comes from embracing our differences. Register your team for preferred events (basketball, tennis, Spelling Bee, 5K Walk, Brain Bowl, etc.) using the Event Entry Form. 

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